Integration into existing ordering process

Your current ordering process

Most likely here's how your existing ordering process looks like:


  1. Your ClickBank account points to special "thank-you" page with download link;
  2. Your website points to purchase link on ClickBank;
  3. When customer pays for your product, he's redirected to your thank-you page.

Integrating Software Defender into this process is really easy.

Making small changes

Right after you uploaded wrapped product to your website, it's time to update links in your payment processor control panel (ClickBank in this example). You need to change "thank-you" link to one that Software Defender created for you. Typically it looks like this:


This is it. If you pointed "Download link" in Software Defender to your protected file, there’s nothing to set up.

Using additional thank-you page

Standard Software Defender thank-you page displays a secure link to download your product plus unlock key for your customer. If you want to show some more information, like bonuses or related products, you still can use your custom thank-you page as addition.

Here's what you need to do. Point "Download link" on Software Defender to your existing HTML page and choose "Link to HTML page" as option.


Final result

Here's how your ordering process might look like after Software Defender integration:


We also have separate guide on integrating Software Defender with PayPal, make sure to check it out if you are using PayPal to handle your payments.

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