Integrating Software Defender with PayPal

To use Software Defender with your PayPal account even if you have few products, simply follow these steps.

Step 1

If you don't have product yet in your Software Defender account, it's time to create one.

  1. Enter product name
  2. Enter download link (your product wrapped with Software Defender and uploaded to your server)


Then copy "thank-you" link that is generated by Software Defender to your clipboard. Thank-you link looks like this:

Step 2

Log in into your PayPal account.


Then click on "Merchant Tools".


Scroll the page down until you see "Buy Now Buttons".


Fill in information about your product (name, price, etc). IMPORTANT! Make sure you choose to encrypt your payment button:


Then scroll page down again and click on "Add More Options" button. You will see another page with some more options.


In "Successful Payment URL" paste Software Defender "thank-you" link you copied at Step #1.

Then click on "Create Button Now".


Step 3

Copy HTML code you got from PayPal and paste it into your sales page.


If you got any questions or comments, feel free to write us at