Privacy policy

Software Defender and it's parent companies do not rent, sell or share personal information about you with other people or non-affiliated companies.

We ask that the licensee activates the product so that we may verify that the product use is in accordance to the end user license agreement. When you activate, the following information is sent to our service:

  1. Your unlock key;
  2. Hash of your hardware details (it is not possible to reverse this hash into human-readable text);
  3. Version of SoftwareDefender is used;
  4. Version of vendor product (depending on vendor settings).

Personal Data

We retain our customer's product keys and some personal details, such as the name and e-mail address, in order to provide product key reminder service. All personal information we may have about our customers can be permanently erased by request, in which case we will not be able to provide any key reminders to that customer. The activation process will still work as it does not require any personally identifiable information, though.

Hardware Identification

During activation, the software product creates a unique hardware identification that represents the configuration of the PC at the time of activation. The hardware identification is unique, and it does not include any personal information, any information about software or data that may reside on your PC, or any information about the specific make or model of your PC. The hardware identification identifies only the PC and only for the sole purpose of activation. Most of the changes to your PC configuration will be tolerated by the activated product. Minor upgrades will not require re-activation. If you replace your PC you may be required to re-activate.