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Comprehensive reporting | Activation Statistics | Wrapper Application | Customers Management

Comprehensive reporting

Software Defender has number of reports which allows you to see main stats about your account activity (number of licenses created so far, number of activation attempts, failed activations) as well as 3 charts that show products' activation dynamics:

  1. Bar graph of activation during latest 72 hours;
  2. Bar graph of activations by weeks;
  3. Bar graph of activations by months.
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Activation Statistics

This is one of the most used features in Software Defender. “Activation Log” shows you all the activation attempts made for your software. You can use it just to check how things are going, but the most functionality here is built into search. You can quickly search for any unauthorized attempts to use your software, see where they are coming from and find potential license violators. Here is the information you will see:

  • Originator IP address;
  • Product name and key used, customer name and email (if any);
  • Exact date and time of activation attempt;
  • MAC address of originator;
  • Wrapper version used and your product version.
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Wrapper Application

To use your products with Software Defender first you need to “wrap” them with a special application we provide. In the end of wrapping process you will get an EXE file which you will distribute to your customers.

The wrapper itself works in “wizard” mode, which means its really to use. It works in a way that you can make no mistake wrapping your product. Every step is easy and logical, so it will take less than minute to “wrap” your product.

The wrapper itself is not limited to just software applications — you can protect any file, including your Word DOC files, PDF, music, pictures, anything! So you can make perfect use of Software Defender no matter if you are software developer, Internet marketer, artist or writer. Be sure your product will remain secure.

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Customers Management

Software Defender can integrate with virtually any payment processor like ClickBank, PayPal, 2Checkout or any other, making management of your customers really easy. The “set-it-and-forget” method doesn't apply here... Well, that's just because there's almost nothing to set up!

That doesn't mean there's nothing to look for, though. If you want, you can set up different email responders (to you, customer and 3rd party email subscription service), you can send out “reminder” emails to customers if they happen to lose their unlock keys and many other things.

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